Department of Applied Chemistry and Ecology

Subdepartments have developed study programs which enable graduate and postgraduate students to enrich their education with information in basic and applied chemical sciences and ecology. Furthermore, the Department of Applied Chemistry and Ecology cultivates an environment of continuous improvement of knowledge and skills in chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, food and chemical technology and related fields.

Students are educated in general and analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, water chemistry and technology, natural products chemistry, biochemistry and molecular biology, food and occupational toxicology, food safety, etc. Research is associated with theoretical bases students are thought in classes. Currently, emphasis is on synthesis and/or testing of biological activity of different organic compounds.


Head: doc. dr. sc. Dajana Gašo-Sokač

Department includes the following subdepartments: Employees
Subdepartment of Chemistry and Ecology doc. dr. sc. Maja Molnar
  doc. dr. sc. Dajana Gašo-Sokač
  izv. prof. dr. sc. Mirna Habuda-Stanić
  Marija Stjepanović, mag. ing., asistent
  Lidija Brodar, dipl. ing.
  Mario Komar, mag.educ.chem., asistent
  Ivanka Cindrić, technician
  Bernardica Grabić, technician
Subdepartment of Applied Chemistry and Instrumental Methods Lidija Jakobek Barron, Ph.D., associate professor
  Ivana Tomac, dipl. ing., asistent
  Petra Matić,
  Andrej Bašić Palković, tehnički suradnik
Subdepartment of Biochemistry and Toxicology doc. dr. sc. Bojan Šarkanj
  prof. dr. sc. Tomislav Klapec
  izv. prof. dr. sc. Ivica Strelec
  Tihomir Kovač, mag. ing., asistent
  Biljana Crevar, dipl. ing., tehnički suradnik


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