Department of Food and Nutrition Research

Department activities are aimed at promotion of methods for assessment of quality of food and nutrition. Research and professional work of staff members involves determination of physical and chemical parameters of nutritional quality well as foodborne hazards.

General research topics given intense emphasis include:

  • Analyses of chemical composition and nutritional value of foods
  • Examination of sensory properties of novel food products
  • Studies of microbiological and chemical contamination of foods and ways of their prevention
  • Dietary assessment of target populations

Department has collaborated with Croatian Chamber of Economy, County Chamber Osijek and Croatian Beekeepers Association since 2000, performing analyses of honey for purposes of the national contest. In March 2005, the Department earned Honey and Other Bee Products Analysis Laboratory License by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management (N.N. 41/2005).

Knowledge transfer within the framework of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate studies is realized through specific subdepartment courses clustered around a common theme, by use of theoretical and practical classes.


Head: Ivana Flanjak, associate professor

Department includes the following subdepartments: Employees
Sub-department of Food Quality  Ljiljana Primorac, PhD, Prof
  prof. dr. sc. Antonija Perl Pirički
  Ivana Flanjak, associate professor
  Blanka Bilić, mag. ing., asistent
Sub-department of Nutrition  Ines Banjari, associate professor
  Daniela Čačić Kenjerić, Full Professor
  Milica Cvijetić Stokanović, BSc, Senior Technician
Sub-department of Biology and Microbiology  izv. prof. dr. sc. Hrvoje Pavlović
  Lidija Dujmović, PhD, assistant professor
  Tihana Marček, assistant professor
  Maja Ižaković, mag. ing., asistent
  Dijana Podravac, mag. nutr., asistent
  Ana Škorvaga, tehnički suradnik




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