Department of Food Technologies

The aim of the Department of Food Technologies is to transfer the basic engineering knowledge, in the field of food technology, to students. On the basis of the latest knowledge and modern processes, students will become skilled in production of different food products of high quality and nutritive value at the end of their study.

At this moment, there are 11 sub-departments whose faculty staff teaches courses at the BSc, Ms and Ph. D. study level. In addition to that, scientific research work in the field of food technology has been done, as well as professional work due to industrial plant design.

A number of respectable professionals and other staff members are employed in the department. They, all together, are able to meet curriculum demands due to many years of experience in education, and their training at national and international scientific institutions. Here should be emphasized a respectable number of young faculty staff members, who are skilled and ready to take responsibility in order to take part in Department development, as well as development of specific professional sub-departments. 

Head: Đurđica Ačkar, associate professor

Department includes the following subdepartments: Employees
Sub-department of  Food Engineering  Anita Pichler, associate professor
  Tihomir Moslavac, associate professor
Sub-department of Cereal Technology  Marko Jukić, associate professor
  Daliborka Koceva Komlenić, full professor
  Ana Šušak, dipl. inž.
Sub-department of  Fruits and Vegetables Technology  Mirela Kopjar, full professor
  Vlasta Piližota, full professor
  Nela Nedić Tiban, full professor
  Ante Lončarić, assistant professor
  Tera Mandić, technician
Sub-department of Carbohydrates Technology  Antun Jozinović, assistant professor
  Drago Šubarić, full professor
  Jurislav Babić, full professor
  Borislav Miličević, full professor
  Đurđica Ačkar, associate professor
  Daniela Paulik, technician
Sub-department of Milk Technology  Jovica Hardi, full professor
  Vedran Slačanac, associate professor
  Mirela Lučan, assistant professor
Sub-department of Meat and Fish Technology  Dragan Kovačević, full professor
  Krešimir Mastanjević, associate professor
  Ana Domaćinović, mag. proc. ing.


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