Department of Process Engineering

The mission of the Department of Process Engineering is a knowledge transfer to the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students, as well as scientific and professional research in the field of process engineering. Department promotes the process engineering implementation in biotechnology, food technology and chemical technology, with the special emphasise in the food production and food processing.

Students will be introduced with the knowledge from the field of engineering thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer, unite operations, reaction engineering, bioprocess engineering, ecological engineering, engineering of organic and inorganic materials, numerical methods, modelling, optimisation and automatization, equipment and process design, and related disciplines.

Scientific and professional works are closely related to the student education. Researches are currently being performed in the field of drying, extraction, heat and mass transfer, thermal properties of materials, improvement of the safety in cereals production and processing, non‑destructive analysis methods in the processes of the food production and storage, biofuels production (biogas and biodiesel), enzymes kinetics measurements, and the application of microorganisms in the food, agro and wood industry waste treatment.


Head: Marina Tišma, associate prof.

Department includes the following subdepartments: Employees
Sub-department of Unit Operations Ana Bucić-Kojić PhD, assoc. prof.
  Srećko Tomas, PhD, full prof.
  Mirela Planinić, PhD, assoc. prof.
  Gordana Šelo, mag. ing. proc.
Sub-department of Thermodynamics and Reaction Engineering  Sandra Budžaki, PhD, Assoc. Prof.
  Marina Tišma, associate prof.
  Marta Ostojčić mag. proc. ing.
Sub-department of Modelling, Optimisation and Automation  Frane Čačić Kenjerić, PhD, assist. prof.
  Damir Magdić, full prof.
  Jasmina Lukinac Čačić, PhD, assist. prof.
  Davor Varga, tehnical associate
Sub-department of Process Design and Construction Materials  Darko Velić, PhD, assoc. prof.
  Stela Jokić, PhD, associate professor
  Mate Bilić, PhD, full prof.
Sub-department of Bioprocess Engineering  Kristina Mastanjević, PhD, postdoctoral researcher
  Vinko Krstanović, full professor
  Natalija Velić, PhD, associate professor


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