Dear colleagues,

I am very honoured to invite you on behalf of the Scientific Organising Committee to attend the 4th International Scientific-Professional Conference Food Industry By-Products, which will be held in Osijek, Croatia on June 6th and 7th 2024.

For the fourth time in a row, we continue to promote circular economy in the food processing and production, presenting potentials for the use of food industry by-products in different sectors. Traditional model of food production is unsustainable throughout the food chain due to resource depletion, irreversible damaging of ecosystem and vast repercussions on the planet. All stakeholders in the food chain should acknowledge that the food system is one of the key sectors for resolving the problems of modern society and it should be a building block of changes that will lead to the solutions of the crucial global challenges: hunger, climate changes, environmental protection

At previous three conferences, numerous innovative solutions for re-purposing food industry by-products into valuable raw materials were presented both through conference materials and the scientific book Selected Aspects of Valorization of Food Industry By-Products (4 books, 63 chapters, over 1500 pages and more than 100 authors). We continue on the same path…

As before, you will be able to present your research through plenary lecture, invited lecture, oral or poster presentations. Feel free to propose activities that may additionally upgrade the Conference through cooperation with the Organising Committee. At the last Conference, promotions of the scientific book, the new study programme, companies – partners of the Conference, as well as presentations of national and international projects in the scope of the Conference were held.

Open to all your ideas, we are excited to welcome you in Osijek!


Chairman of the Scientific and Organising Committee

Drago Šubarić, PhD, full prof.