28HSKIKI Congress in Rovinj, Croatia

The Principal Investigator, Stela Jokić, full professor and the ByProExtract team members, participated at the 28HSKIKI Conference held from March 28th to March 31st 2023 in Rovinj, Croatia. A professor Jokić held an invited lecture with the topic „Insights into green techniques for the extraction of bioactive compounds: Current research and future challenges“ and also participated with the poster presentation entitled „Quantum yield optimization of hybrid carbon quantum dots and their application as sensing nanomaterial“ by the authors Silvija Šafranko (PhD), Šimun Mandić, Drago Šubarić (full professor, PhD), Stela Jokić (full professor, PhD). The 28th Croatian Meeting of Chemists and Chemical Engineers (28HSKIKI) is organized by the Croatian Society of Chemical Engineers and the Croatian Chemical Society.