Subdepartment of Applied Chemistry, Biochemistry and Instrumental Methods

The sub-department of Applied Chemistry, Biochemistry and Instrumental Methods offers several key courses at all levels of the study programme. Undergraduate courses are focused on fundamental principles in Biochemistry and Physical Chemistry, which give students a solid foundation for subsequent courses at graduate and postgraduate levels. In addition, students acquire knowledge of novel and traditional packaging materials used in the food industry, as well as the chemical interactions between packaging materials and food. Courses offered at graduate and postgraduate study level are focused on mathematical problem solving in the field of applied chemistry, theory and practice of various instrumental techniques and methods, as well as theory regarding the effect of micro- and macro-nutrients on gene expression in human cells.

Scientific research of the staff is focused on the characterization of bioactive compounds by chromatographic, electrochemical, electrophoretic and spectroscopic techniques, the interactions of bioactive compounds with food macromolecules and their bioaccessibility, the characterization of enzymes and their immobilization, as well as the purification of enzymes and other proteins.


Ivica Strelec, PhD, full professor​

Undergraduate study

  • Physical Chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Package and Food Packaging
  • Instrumental Methods of Analysis

Graduate study

  • Package Materials and Packaging
  • Instrumental methods II
  • Instrumental Methods of Analysis
  • Engineering Chemistry
  • Food Gene Interactions

Postgraduate study

  • Novel Food Packaging Materials
  • Instrumental Methods of Analysis