Dear Colleague,

we are in the preparation of the first issue of the twelfth volume of our Croatian Journal of Food Science and Technology. You are invited to submit manuscripts reporting recent developments in your fields of expertise in the journal first issue of the twelfth volume, and also in the next numbers in the future. Also, will you please inform all of your colleagues scientists that we are currently accepting manuscripts in all fields of food science and technology, we invite them also to publish the manuscripts (Original scientific papers, Preliminary communications, Scientific notes, Reviews, Professional papers, Conference paper,…) in our Croatian Journal of Food Science and Technology.
The submitted papers must be written according to the Instructions to authors. The original scientific papers, preliminary communications, scientific notes and reviews should be written and submitted only in English. The professional papers and conference papers could be written and submitted both in Croatian and English.
In addition to that, you can inform us if you want to publish any information in the journal first issue of the twelfth volume relating to books which will be published or books that have already been published by now in your field of work. You can also add information about conferences that will be held in the future.

We express our gratitude to all of you who have already published your manuscripts in the Croatian Journal of Food Science and Technology and to all of you who have already sent your manuscripts for the journal`s first issue of the twelfth volume.

Kindly forward this message to your colleagues.

Sincerely Yours,
Editorial Board