Information and instructions to authors

Croatian Journal of Food Science and Technology publishes original scientific papers, preliminary communications, scientific notes, reviews, professional papers and conference papers. Starting from the 2nd number of the 4th volume, the original scientific papers, preliminary communications, scientific notes and reviews should be written and submitted only in English.  All contributing manuscripts will be subjected to critical peer review.

Difference between scientific and professional papers is in the originality of methods, results and conclusions. Although a professional paper may imply more tangible applications it is generally not considered a new scientific contribution.

Original scientific papers report unpublished results of original research. They must contain significant and original observations to be critically evaluated. Experimental data should be presented in a way that enables reproduction and verification of analyses and deductions on which the conclusions are based.

Preliminary communications include short information on the results of scientific research which require immediate publication.

Scientific notes include reports on shorter but completed research or descriptions of original laboratory techniques (methods, apparatus etc.) and should be concise.

Reviews are original, critical and up-to-date surveys of an area in which, preferably, the author himself/herself is active. They should include recent references from international publications.

Professional papers present new possibilities of improvement within the area of food technology. The emphasis is on the application of known methods and facts as well as on broadening the knowledge in the particular area. The acquired knowledge is applied to the object of research.

Conference papers present work submitted and/or presented at a conference, workshop or similar event.

The Croatian Journal of Food Science and Technology does NOT charge publication/processing fees from the Author(s).

Editorial Procedures and Peer-Review

All contributions are evaluated according to criteria of originality and quality of their scientific and professional content. All manuscripts received for consideration will be acknowledged by the Editorial office. Once a manuscript passes the initial checks, it will be assigned to at least two independent experts for peer-review. Potential reviewers suggested by the authors may also be considered. Based on the comments and advice of the peer-reviewers, the Editor and the Editorial Board will make a decision to accept, reject, or to ask authors to revise the manuscript. Contributions may be rejected without reviewing if considered inappropriate for the journal.


The authors bear the sole responsibility for the content of the contributions. The Editorial Board assumes that by submitting their papers the authors have not violated any internal rules or regulations of their institutions related to the content of the contributions and that they have not submitted the paper somewhere else. The acceptance of the paper obliges the authors not to publish the same material elsewhere.
Copyright Transfer Statement

Proofreading Service

Dear authors, you are kindly asked to submit your papers in good English (American or British usage is accepted, but not a mixture of these). If the Editorial Board reaches a conclusion that your paper containes too many spelling/grammatical errors, the paper will be returned to you with a request to revise it. However, we also provide a service of proofreading, so you can let our team proofread your paper. The service of proofreading is the following:  1 text card (1800 characters with spaces) – 5 € + VAT.

Proofs, E-Prints and Reprints

The corresponding author will receive proofs by e-mail within 2 weeks of acceptance, which must be corrected and returned within 72 hours of receipt. Authors should carefully review and proofread the entire article for accuracy, as the Editorial Office does not participate in the proofing of articles. Once a corrected proof is published online, additional corrections cannot be made without an erratum.

The corresponding author will receive a free PDF of their own articles. Reprints may be ordered prior to publication.

Instructions to authors

Authors are kindly asked to read the following instructions while preparing the manuscript for publishing in the Croatian Journal of Food Science and Technology.

Manuscripts could be submitted by:

e-mail, as attached document, to the following e-mail address:

online manuscript submission:

Yours sincerely,

Editorial Board