Sub-department of Process Design and Pharmaceutical Engineering

At the courses of the Sub-department, students acquire basic knowledge and skills in the field of process equipment design, industrial process design and optimisation and pharmaceutical engineering, that will enable them to have equal status with other professionals in the field of industrial plants design, as well as in the field of pharmaceutical engineering. The students are also introduced to the basic software packages used in process equipment design and processes design. Through the courses, students are encouraged to take a creative approach to solve technical problems related to process equipment and the entire technological process. First of all, it relates to the economic and technical aspects of the project, emphasising the importance of sustainable development and production at all stages of the process. In this way, students who start working in the above industries need significantly less time to take full responsibility at certain stages of the development, control and management of industrial processes.  Students will be able to create and develop new value-added products, and will be specialize in the field of extraction and isolation of bioactive components from plant material.

Scientific and professional research, undertaken by the employees of the sub-department, is in the fields that cover the courses of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate studies.

Darko Velić, PhD, full prof

Undergraduate study

  • Machine elements

Graduate study

  • Process Design and Optimisation
  • Food Process Equipment Design
  • Process Equipment Design
  • Food Processing Plant Design
  • Bioprocessing Plant Design
  • Extraction and isolation of bioactive compounds
  • Biotechnology of pharmaceutical products

Postgraduate study

  • Modern Extraction Techniques
  • Food Process Design and Optimisation
  • Organic Food Production and Processing​