Two Student Thesis Defenses on ByProExtract Project

On the 29th and 30th of September, two student thesis defenses were held at the Department of Chemistry in Osijek. The public defenses by students of Department of Chemistry, Kristina Janđel and Monika Kovačević, were results of the successful collaboration of the two institutions of Faculty of Food Technology and Department of Chemistry Osijek, where co-mentor was principal investigator of ByProExtract project Stela Jokić (full prof.), with the assistance of PhD student Silvija Šafranko. The student Kristina Janđel defended her thesis entitled “Preparation and Modification of Carbon Quantum Dots from Citric Acid: The Application in Metal Ions Detection” and Monika Kovačević “Synthesis and Characterization of Carbon Quantum Dots from Clementine Peel: Testing the Particles for Antiradical Activity and Selectivity of Metal Ion Detection”.

Based on that, the defense committee presented the decision that both students successfully defended their graduate thesis with an excellent grade.