Department of Applied Chemistry and Ecology

The Department of Applied Chemistry and Ecology is organized into three departments whose employees transfer knowledge and skills related to basic and applied natural sciences to undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students through the teaching and scientific-research process. In addition, the Department of Applied Chemistry and Ecology monitors and adopts new knowledge and knowledge in the field of chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, toxicology, biotechnology, food and chemical technology, etc. Scientific-research and professional work of the employees of the Institute is closely related to the disciplines that are taught to students, and currently research in the field of mycotoxicology, organic synthesis of potentially biologically active substances, isolation and analysis of biologically active substances by various instrumental techniques, testing of interaction of biologically active substances are priority, water chemistry and technology, and biochemical food analytics.

Head: Valentina Bušić, PhD, assistant professor

Mirna Habuda-Stanić, PhD, associate professor

Maja Molnar, PhD, associate professor

Dajana Gašo-Sokač, PhD, associate professor

Valentina Bušić, PhD, associate professor

Marija Stjepanović, PhD

Mario Komar, assistant

Martina Jakovljević, assistant

Ivanka Cindrić, technician

Dora Zobundžija, technician​

Ivica Strelec, PhD, full professor

Tomislav Klapec, PhD, full professor

Tihomir Kovač, PhD

Biljana Crevar, technician