Ina Ćorković successfully defended graduate thesis within project

The public thesis defense by student Ina Ćorković, entitled “Green Extraction Techniques for the Extraction of Bioactive Compounds from Mandarin Peel (Citrus unshiu): Phytochemical Analysis and Process Optimization” was held on July 17, 2020 at the Faculty of Food Technology in Osijek. The thesis was written under the mentorship of Stela Jokić, PhD, full professor, principal investigator on ByProExtract project, and under co-mentorship of Krunoslav Aladić, PhD, assistant professor.
The experimental part of the graduate thesis was realized at the Sub-department of Process Design and Construction Materials at the Faculty of Food Technology in Osijek, within the project “Application of innovative techniques of the extraction of bioactive components from by-products of plant origin“ (HRZZ-UIP-2017-05-9909). The student presented an excellent quality of her research, and answered the questions of the defense committee. Based on that, the defense committee presented the decision that Ina Ćorković successfully defended her graduate thesis with an excellent grade.

Mentioned Master thesis is available at the following LINK.