Sub-department of Biology and Microbiology

Within the courses lectured at Sub-department, students gain knowledge of chemical foundation of life from atoms to molecules, their structure, function, relationship to the environment and regulation of physiological processes and on selected organs and systems. Besides the knowledge about common properties of organisms, understanding of natural processes and physical properties of the living matter, reproduction and cellular embryogenesis, students learn anatomy of plant and animal tissues, heredity, diversity, reproduction and evolution of organisms. 

Students are educated on morphology, ecology, metabolism, determination and systematics of microorganisms and microbial metabolites in aerobic and anaerobic processes. Through General and Food microbiology, as well as Rapid methods in food analysis, students gain knowledge on application of microorganisms in food production, industrial microbiology, agriculture and wastewater treatment. Additionally, through laboratory exercises students learn classical and rapid methods of counting and determination of foodborne contaminants and pathogens. 

Predsjednik katedre:
Hrvoje Pavlović​​, PhD, Full professor

Undergraduate study 

  • Biology
  • General microbiology
  • Food microbiology

Graduate study 

  • Rapid methods in food analysis

Postgraduate study

  • Food microbiology