Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek

Faculty of Food Technology Osijek

The Faculty Library

Franje Kuhača 20

31000 Osijek

Tel: +385/ 31 22 43 43

Fax: +385/ 31 20 71 15 ( Library)

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Opening hours:

Monday to Friday: 7.30 – 18.30

Opening hours for library users:

Monday to Friday: 8.00 – 18.00

  • Mission

To allow free access to the written library materials and those in other forms that are necessary for students and scientific - teaching staff of the Faculty.

  • Vision

Preserving the integrity of library collections and the development of digital libraries. Evaluation through the library services offered to its customers.

  • Objectives

Library's aim is to become the meeting place of students and scholars of Faculty, but also external users who have interests in food technology, so they can exchange ideas and knowledge that is interesting to all library users.

Also, our goal is to support the scientific – faculty staff in their teaching assignments, to develop information literacy and critical thinking and to encourage the students' desire to learn and explore.

The Library's development path is closely associated to the development of the Faculty of Food Technology Osijek itself. The Library was founded in 1976 after the establishment of the Faculty of Food Technology in Osijek. Until the Civil War the Libraryshared the premises with the Library of Faculty of Agriculture and with the employees of the Agricultural Institute, who were allplaced at the location of Tenjska road. During and after the War the Faculty was deployed in various locations around Osijek. Even after the final placement of the Faculty at its current location in Tvrđa, Kuhačeva 20 the Library did not get its own space. Finally, in May 2005 the Library is located in the new area (approximately 350 m2) in the attic of the building at number 20. In times when we are overwhelmed by the various information and when new information and communication technology is rapidly evolving, the Library adapts to the new way of working which includes a faster and more comprehensive monitoringinformation in the area of food technology, technology, biotechnology, chemistry and their distribution to end users. The boundaries between the real and virtual worlds are increasingly less visible and the habits and needs are constantly changing.Our Reading Room has got 46 seats and 8 computers connected via the Internet with other libraries in Croatia and in the world. Services that Library provides to users are: lending books, information services, interlibrary loans, bibliographic search of variousdatabases and education courses.