Sub-department of Food Engineering

Within courses lectured at Sub department, student gain basic knowledge of food engineering and food science. They gain knowledge essential for phisical and thermophysical properties of food, fundamental knowledge about processes in the food industry, processes of canning food, separation processes, chemical and enzymatic processes in the food industry. Depending on the study of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate, students gain knowledge of the theoretical grounds, implementation, application and recent developments in wine, oil and fat technologies.

In addition to courses at Faculty of Food Technology, employees of Sub department of Food Engineering have lectured at Faculty of Agriculture and Food Technology in Mostar.


Tihomir Moslava, PhD, Full professor

Undergraduate study 

  • Processes in the Food Industry
  • Fundamental Technology of Wines and Oils

Graduate study 

  • Chemistry and Technology of Oils and Fats
  • Chemistry and Technology of Wines
  • Preservation of Food
  • Membrane processes
  • Food Engineering
  • Technology of Oils and Fats
  • Technology of Wines

Postgraduate study 

  • Achievements in Oils and Fats Technology
  • Achievements in Wines Technology
  • Food Process Engineering