Sub-department of Modeling, optimization and automation

In the undergraduate courses students are presented with basic computer knowledge which is needed to solve daily tasks in the profession, the physical and chemical principles which are foundation for measuring transducers operation, fundamentals of measurement theory and the classical theory of automatic control systems.

Through courses in graduate studies, students learn about the principles and methods of modeling operations and processes in production and storage of food products, methods of nutrition optimization by computer application and automation of production processes.

Theoretical knowledge is demonstrated through laboratory and computer exercises in which students gain practical experience in applying acquired knowledge to solving real problems.

The scientific and professional work carried out by the members of the department reflects the content of the courses that undergo undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate studies, which includes modeling and optimization in food technology and processes in the food industry, the development and application of non-destructive methods of analysis, chemometrics and soft computing.


Jasmina Lukinac Čačić, PhD, Associate professor

Undergraduate study

  • Informatics
  • Process Measurements and Control

Graduate study 

  • Computer Aided Diet Optimisation
  • Modelling And Management In Food-Technology Processes
  • Modelling of Operation and Processes
  • Process Automation

Postgraduate study

  • Modeling and Nutrition Optimization
  • Non-destructive methods of processes and food analysis